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Yung Chung Kong (b. 2000, Hong Kong)graduated with a Bachelor of Arts(Fine Art) from RMIT University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School), major in painting.

Yung's paintings are often composed of fictional cityscapes and wilderness images. Deserted objects found in a sense create an unsettling feeling within the calm atmosphere. The nostalgia the paintings feel seems to be confusing our sense of timing. The solitude evokes a sense of hopefulness and possibility rather than loneliness. By exploring the possibility between emotion and thoughtlessness, the painting reveals Yung's desire to speak without words.



Bachelor of Arts(Fine Art) RMIT University

Solo Exhibitions 

2023                            'Abandoned City' - Yung Chung Kong Solo Exhibition - Mooroom

Group Exhibitions 

2024                            A Preface To Magnificence - The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

2023                            The Collectible Art Fair 

2023                            'A guide to fragmented space' - Gallery Exit

2023                            'Being Something' -Graduates group exhibition -Contemporary by Angela Li

2023                            'Umarell' HKAS / RMIT University  Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduate 2023

2021                            'Hide and Seek' - Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Exhibition

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